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You need a reliable medical translator that makes sure you achieve your goal — a high-quality translation delivered on time.

With over 12 years of translation and editing experience, I have worked hard to specialize in Life Sciences and Medicine.

As someone living with Crohn’s disease, there are two things that I am passionate about: medical translation and raising awareness about Inflammatory Bowel Disease.


I often collaborate with organizations dedicated to this condition by translating patient information materials, awareness-raising campaigns, and surveys.

I work with the European Federation of Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis Associations (EFCCA), the Portuguese Association of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (APDI), and the Portuguese Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Association (CrohnColitePT).

Activities as Guest Speaker and Contributor 

18 May 2019

TPPT 2019:

The In-House Translator's Perspective in the Translation Market

06 June 2020

APTRAD's Newsletter

Medical Translation - From Training to Practice

30 September 2020

BP's Translation Day's Special - Big Party:

In-House vs. Freelancer - Opportunities and Challenges

8 April 2020

Wordbee Panel Discussion:

Webinar for Life Sciences: Running Global Clinical Trials Efficiently

02 July 2020

Wordbee Guest Blog Post: Quality Management In Life Sciences Translation

15 October 2020

Fórum TRES:

Training and Networking for Medical Translators

22 May 2020

Tradusa Online:

Round-table about Medical Translation

26 August 2020

DIA MW Shared Learning: 
From Source to Target - The Process and Challenges of Medical Translation

04 November 2020

APTRAD TranslateOnline:
Plain Language - What It Is and How to Use It

04 June 2020

APTRAD TranslateOnline:

Linguistic Validation in Clinical Trials

30 September 2020

BP's Translation Day's Special - Big Party:

CPD Opportunities for Translators

December 2020

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