2020 Annual Report

During the time I worked as an in-house translator, I had to keep my freelance workload to 2-3 working hours per day.
2019 marked a turning point in my career.
Despite the challenges, 2020 – my second year as a full-time freelance translator – was a productive year.

a Most frequent Translation projects: Clinical trial protocols, Informed consent forms, Investigator’s brochures, Patient questionnaires, Summary of Product Characteristics and Patient Information Leaflets, Medical device manuals and user guides, and Training material for healthcare professionals or patients and caregivers.


b Generally, hourly-based Translation tasks involved product updates based on the originator, EMA QRD updates, implementation of changes after CHMP opinion or National Authority review.

c Editing focuses on the organization, technical content, audience, and purpose of the text against the original. It involves making comments and changes directly, pointing out problems, and offering suggestions on how to fix them – as well as fixing grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation errors.

d Revision/Proofreading deals with sentences and words (stylistic choices and best practices), by fixing grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation errors, ensuring consistency in usage and presentation, and checking for accuracy in text, images, and layout.

e Linguistic Validation of Patient-Reported Outcomes consists of short-, medium- or long-term projects. All projects must include Forward translation, Back translation, Proofreading, and Final Check. Some projects may also require Cognitive Debriefing and/or Clinician Review. Finally, many projects have a final step – eCOA implementation – to migrate the paper version to an electronic format.

Throughout the year, I was able to work on interesting projects with great people – both long-term and new clients. Since it is not just about the numbers, in December I sent a Satisfaction Survey.
The survey was completely anonymous and included eight questions to assess the respondents’ level of satisfaction based on a 5-point rating scale: Very Satisfied; Somewhat satisfied; Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied; Somewhat dissatisfied; and Very dissatisfied.
In the end, respondents were asked if they wanted to add any comments about our collaboration.
The survey results are generally positive. Of course, in an atypical year such as 2020, there were deadline negotiations and requests for extensions that would not be necessary in a different context. There were collaboration opportunities that did not take place because projects were canceled or postponed.
Twenty-one clients completed the questionnaire: 
13 Project Managers, four Project Coordinators, one Associate Manager, one Vendor Manager, one Researcher, and one CEO.

Unsurprisingly, most survey respondents have worked with me on Translation projects, followed by Editing, Linguistic Validation/eCOA Implementation, and Revision/Proofreading.

"Thank you for providing great services and being a pleasure to work with, Ana!"(Project Manager)
All respondents (21) would recommend me to other companies/people looking for an English to Portuguese medical translator.
"Pleasure to work with and usually responds promptly to our urgent translation requests"
(Project Coordinator)
All respondents are satisfied with my response time to requests and clarity/transparency of quotes/information.
Out of all respondents (21), 18 are very satisfied, and three are somewhat satisfied with my response time to requests for quotes, information, or project acceptance.
Out of 19 respondents who request a quote or information before the project start, 18 are very satisfied, and one is somewhat satisfied with the clarity and transparency of my response.
"Ana is a reliable proofreader and is quick to respond to requests. She provides clear feedback and usually delivers files on time or early."
(Project Manager)
The majority of respondents are satisfied with my punctuality of translation / service delivery (95%) and my ability to respond to urgent requests (90%).
One respondent is somewhat dissatisfied with both items.
Out of all respondents (21), 20 are satisfied with my punctuality - 19 are very satisfied and one is somewhat satisfied.
Out of all respondents who send urgent requests (20), 18 are satisfied – 15 are very satisfied and three are somewhat satisfied (one respondent is neither satisfied nor dissatisfied).
"Very nice to work with, good quality of work and reliable."
(Project Coordinator)
All respondents are satisfied with my ability to understand and meet expectations and project requirements.
Out of 21 respondents, 18 are very satisfied, and three are somewhat satisfied.
"It was a pleasure working with Ana Sofia and I look forward to our next collaborations. Thank you!"
(Project Coordinator)
All respondents who have potential problems to solve during a project are satisfied with my ability to find effective solutions.
Out of 17 respondents, 14 are very satisfied, and three are somewhat satisfied.
"Ana Sofia is very serious about her work, reliable and pleasant to work with."(Associate Manager)
All respondents with projects that require clarifications or have issues are satisfied with the usefulness of any notes provided with the translation/service and relevance of potential source/target issues identified.
Out of 18 respondents, 17 are very satisfied, and one is somewhat satisfied.
"Ana Sofia is a great professional with excellent skills and competencies."
All respondents are satisfied with the quality/price ratio of the service provided.
Out of 21 respondents, 17 are very satisfied, four are somewhat satisfied.

Based on the quantitative analysis of my productivity and the survey results, professionally, 2020 was a positive year.

Throughout the year, I was also able to:

  • Work with IBD Patient Associations to inform patients and caregivers, in a particularly difficult year for people with chronic diseases.

  • Renew my memberships and join new associations:

    • APTRAD – Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters

    • TREMÉDICA – International Association of Translators and Editors in Medicine and Allied Sciences

    • MET – Mediterranean Editors and Translators

    • ATA – American Translators Association

    • IAPTI – International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters

    • EMWA – European Medical Writers Association

    • ISOQOL – International Society for Quality of Life Research

    • ISPOR – The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research

    • DIA – Drug Information Association

    • EUPATI Portugal – European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (Portugal Platform)

    • APDI – Portuguese Association of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    • Crohn/Colite Portugal – Portuguese Crohn’s Disease and Colitis Association

  • Attend several virtual events, namely:

    • BP Translation Conference (23-25 April)

    • Virtual ISPOR 2020 (18-20 May)

    • Coimbra Health School Annual Meeting 2020 – “Health 4.0: Designing Tomorrow`s Healthcare” (25-27 June)

    • 2020 Virtual ISOQOL Annual Conference (19-23 October)

    • EMWA Virtual Conference (November 4)

    • 2020 Translating Documentation and Communication in Clinical Research Virtual Conference (24 November)

  • Participate in multiple activities as guest speaker and contributor:

    • Six session presentations

    • Two articles

    • Two panel discussions

    • One interview

I look forward to 2021!

Continuing Professional Development will remain a top priority for me. 

2021 will bring exciting opportunities to develop my skills and help others do it as well.

I will keep working with Patient Associations as a way of improving Portuguese-speaking patients' health literacy and access to information.

And, of course, I will continue to work with my clients to translate their Life Sciences and Medicine contents from English into Portuguese. I am thrilled at the prospect of collaboration on several projects that are already lined up.

Think we might work well together?
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